Chinese Woman Cuts Off Ex-Husband's Alleged Mistress's Boobs As Revenge.

Sup Travellers?! One unlucky lady from China had both of her boobs cut off after she was accused of sleeping with one of her coworkers' ex-husband.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Xiao Lin, 27, was watching TV at her home in southeastern China’s Guangdong province when she heard a knock at the door. The door was kicked open when she answered, knocking her down. Her attacker then put a bag over her head, stripped her naked and tied her up.

The attacker then went on to chop off both of Xiao Lin's boobs with a scissors before removing the bag and exposing herself as Xiao Lin's coworker, Meng Tsao.

Meng Tsao admitted the attack to the police and said she was seeking revenge for the theft of her former lover.

Her ex-husband told police that while he did have a crush on Xiao Lin, she turned him down when he pursued her.

But he did remember once telling Meng Tsao that he found Xiao Lin attractive shortly before divorcing her, possibly giving her the impression the victim was the reason for the separation.

Xiao Lin is currently recovering in the hospital, but doctors have declared fully repairing her severed breasts an impossibility.

There are a lot of dangerous things in this world but little can compare to the danger associated with a jealous ex-lover.

It's a shame that Lin was wrongly accused though. She didn't even sleep with Meng Tsao's ex-husband but was attacked for it. It's a cruel cruel world. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.