Cash Mysteriously Withdrawn From Four MH370 Passengers' Accounts.

Sup Travellers?! Flight MH370 has been missing for some time now but there is still hope that the passengers could be alive. It's a small glimpse of hope but hope is hope, no matter how small. 

According to reports from the Mirror UK up to £20,000 has been stolen from four passengers aboard the doomed MH370 flight five months after it went missing. 

A bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, reported the apparent discrepancies in their accounts on July 18, before lodging a police complaint, Assistant Commissioner to the crime investigation department Izany Abdul Ghany revealed.

The withdrawals could have just been an inside job and officials are in no way ruling out the possibilities that someone in the bank committed the offence. 

According to reports, the transactions were made on July 18 when money from the accounts of three passengers was transferred to the account of a fourth passenger before it was removed.

"We are investigating the case as unauthorized access with intent to commit an offence," Izany said, according to the Mirror. "We are getting CCTV footage from the bank to identify the suspects involved."

A source told the New Straits Times: "We believe the suspect withdrew the money through the fourth victim's account via several automated teller machines (ATMs) in the Klang Valley."

It could just be an inside job but then again, why would someone with access to all the accounts transfer money into one passenger's account before withdrawing? That makes no sense. I don't want to speculate too much RIGHT NOW but I don't think that this was an inside job. Could it be that the passengers are still alive? I don't know but what I do know is that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.