Zendaya Dropped out of the Aaliyah Movie! Here's Why She Changed Her Mind.

Sup Travellers?! Over the past couple weeks there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Zendaya Coleman's controversial new role as Aaliyah. Some said that she wasn't black enough to portray the singer and some even criticized her acting.

I didn't write about it because I didn't really care enough about the story to do so but the story just took an interesting new twist and now I'm intrigued. 

According to reports from the LA Times, Zendaya has dropped out of the movie and production has been placed on hold. 

So what's the reason for the sudden change of plans? There are a lot of theories going around, including Aaliyah's family not wanting the film to be produced in the first place, but Zendaya has her own explanation. 

"I just felt the project wasn't 100 percent there. I feel [that] production wise everything just felt a little rushed," she told MTV. "And I think because she's someone I admire and I love so much, it can't be done halfway, or not to the standards I think it should be done at, so I just decided not to do it. By all means, when the right project comes along and it's done the right way I'll be the first person ready to play Aaliyah, but this wasn't the right one for me. I've been into Aaliyah since I was little, so there wasn't too much getting into character. I always pretend I'm her anyway."

Who can blame her? This role would have probably been the biggest role in her life with the potential to either positively or negatively affect her career. I think she made the right decision. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.