Woman Has Sex Toy Removed After 10 Years.

Sup Travellers?! If you ever find yourself with mild incontinence, sepsis, lethargy, and unexplained weight loss then there is a high possibility that you may have a sex toy stuck inside of you.

A 38-year-old Scottish woman figured this out the HARD way when she was diagnosed with "sextoyinyourbodyitis". That's definitely not the right term for the condition but experts at the Journal of Sexual Medicine say that her condition had the potential to be life threatening.

She was actually diagnosed with vesicovaginal fistula – a condition that causes urine to flow into the vagina – as well as obstructive uropathy – in which a blockage in the bladder causes urine to back up into the kidneys. 

Doctors in Aberdeen discovered the 5-inch toy, which was pressing against her bladder, after X-raying the woman's abdomen. The woman then recalled using it with a partner a decade ago in a night of drunken love-making, explains Fox News. Surgeons removed the toy, and the woman is now fine.

What are the morals of this story? Always wear your seat-belt when driving, don't do drugs and don't --- I repeat --- don't handle sex toys while drunk. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.