Woman Arrested For Blowing Boyfriend While Her Kids Were Locked In Car.

Sup Travellers?! With all the outrage about parents leaving their kids in cars I think that this new report coming out of Lake Charles, Louisiana is just plain ridiculous. 

According to reports from The Smoking Gun, 25-year-old Princess Marks was arrested for "blowing" her boyfriend in a parking lot while her kids were trapped inside another vehicle.

The incident took place around midnight early Friday morning while her car, with her seven-year-old and five-year-old children locked inside, remained parked in a parking lot. Marks was only footsteps away from the parked SUV where her children were but she was unable to see them because she was too busy pleasuring her boyfriend in the parking lot.

Cops passed by and found the children inside the SUV, which was not running and had its windows down. Marks was booked into jail and later released after posting $5000 bond on the felony count.

Following her arrest, Marks’s offspring were placed in the custody of family members. Her beau--whom investigators did not identify--was not arrested.

Some people may say that her punishment wasn't harsh enough but even though she was doing the dirty with her boyfriend while her kids were locked in a car she was still not too far from them. And the entire incident occurred in the night so there wasn't any risk of heat stroke. I'm not picking up for her I'm just saying that there was no reason for the punishment to be any worse. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.