Who Ages Faster, Blacks or Whites?

Sup Travellers?! Who do you think is likely to age faster? Black people or white people? Well, even though answering this question may cause some controversy, researchers at USC went out and answered it anyway.

In the study, the researchers analyzed physical exams and lifestyle surveys of 7,644 Americans aged 30 and older, 11% of whom were black and the rest white. The study considered 10 age-related biomarkers (including total cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and systolic blood pressure) as well as education level, smoking history, and body-mass index. In the end, researchers calculated an average biological age of 53.16 years for blacks and 49.84 years for whites.

So even though all the people were of the same age group the black test group was an average of 3 years older according to the state of their bodies. 

Medical Daily reports that the age gap grew closer—to 52.72 for blacks and 49.89 for whites—when socioeconomic position and health behaviors were considered.

"Our results showed that, on average, blacks tend to be more than three years older biologically than whites,” said Morgan Levine and Eileen Crimmins of the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology. “This is consistent with findings from previous studies reporting that blacks tend to have levels of biological risk factors that are indicative of someone significantly older chronologically.”

So what could be the possible cause of this? Well, the findings were documented in the journal of Social Science and Medicine.

“Everyday stressors associated with being black may negatively impact physiological functioning and, under chronic exposure, accumulate over the lifespan and contribute to growing disparities in biological risk,” the authors wrote. “Furthermore, if such environmental, behavioral, and mental factors contribute to an acceleration of the aging process, we would expect that persons who are aging the fastest should have the highest risk of mortality, and thus (have a) lower life expectancy.”

Researchers pointed to higher obesity rates among blacks, and a recent study concluded that blacks who internalize the idea of racial inferiority and "anti-black bias" have shorter leukocyte telomeres (another "biological age" marker).

This new study may anger some people but I think that it's important to at least consider the validity of the findings. The results are clearly not indicative of all blacks or of all whites so I don't think that it should be generalized. The test group of 7644 Americans is just a small number of people in a world of over 7 billion and I'm sure that there a whole lot of factors that could have affected the results. Factors like: state of origin, sex, salary, number of children, criminal record etc. 

In conclusion, all this study really says is that out of the 7,644 people who were tested the black people were biologically 3 years older. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.