Watch John Oliver and Some Puppets Perfectly Explain America's Broken Prison System.

Sup Travellers?! We all know John Oliver [or whoever writes his sketches] is a genius. He has been able to crack down on global crises with so much humor that you can't help but sit through the whole thing. His technique is a great way to bring awareness to certain issues since everyone likes a good laugh --- and whatnot.

However, they are still serious issues and the fact that America has the most amount of prisoners than any other country is something that shouldn't be taken too easily especially since America is only the third most populated country in the world below countries like India and China that have over 700,000,000 more people.

One could argue that the reason for the high incarceration rate in America is the effectiveness of the police force and not necessarily because of the high crime rate. I mean, a lot of criminals get away in China and India. But, some may also argue that America is so corrupted that it has become saturated with crime. We can argue about this whole day but let's just spend some time listening to what John Oliver has to say [I'm aware that I just rhymed.. LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.