VIDEO: Watch The Real Life Fruit Ninja Chop More Than 140 Lemons In Just 66 Seconds.

Sup Travellers?! My high score in fruit ninja is definitely nothing to boast about because the man in the video above probably doesn't even play fruit ninja and his high score is already higher than mine. 

The man is a kitchen worker and he slices ad dices through more than 140 lemons in just 66 seconds with such unerring accuracy that you second guess the realness of this video.

He tosses the citrus fruits in the air with his right hand while cutting them, ninja style, with his whirring blade.

I think that this guy could charge patrons a bit more for his oranges especially after all the art work it took just to cut them. Who agrees? [LOL] Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.