VIDEO: Man Dies After Police Put Him In A Headlock For Breaking Up A Fight.

Sup Travellers?! The last words that came out of the mouth of 43-year-old father of six, Eric Garner were "I can't breathe." You would think that he would have gotten some help but the very same folks who were supposed to have helped HIM were the very ones causing him pain.

According to reports from NY Daily News, the 400-pound asthmatic Staten Island dad was approached by police right after he broke up a fight and talked to him about selling a cigarette to someone.

Garner responded by saying: “Everybody’s standing here, I didn't do NOTHING, every time you see me you want to harass me, you want to stop me. I’m minding my business officer, please just leave me alone, I told you the last time please just leave me alone.”

After some more talking the officer put him in a headlock and then slammed him to the ground as more officers joined the scene.

Garner reportedly had a heart attack at the scene and died later at the hospital. Later in the clip the same officer who choked Garner can be seen telling the camera “this had nothing to do with the fight, this had something to do with something else.”

“They’re covering their asses, he was breaking up a fight. They harassed and harassed my husband until they killed him,”  Esaw Garner said. Garner’s family said he didn't have any cigarettes on him or in his car at the time of his death.

She said she pleaded with police at the hospital to tell her what happened, but they brushed her off.

Multiple witnesses to the death expressed anger at the NYPD.

“They jumped him and they were choking him. He was foaming at the mouth,” 22-year-old Ramsey Orta, who took the video, told The Daily News. “And that’s it, he was done. The cops were saying, ‘No, he’s OK, he’s OK.' He wasn’t OK.”

Another witness said Garner was "absolutely not selling cigarettes,"

Those who knew Garner described him as a "gentle giant" and "a big teddy bear," according to the publication. His family members, including his wife Esaw Garner, said her husband suffered from chronic asthma.

To be fair, Garner did have an underlying condition that the officers obviously did not know about but what was the point of all the excessive force? The officers clearly outnumbered him and there was no way that Garner could have outrun them. The officers DID NOT have to choke him and throw him on the ground just how the patrol officer DID NOT have to continually punch the old woman in the video released a couple weeks ago. This is an instance of police brutality and I think that all the cops in this scuffle need to be punished. I'm just saying. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.