VIDEO: Homeless People Share Surprising Facts About Themselves.

Sup Travellers?! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that homeless people are just like you and I. They have stories too. Surprisingly enough, most were probably better off in life than many average people today but luck just wasn't on their side.

After the recession in America, the face of homelessness drastically changed as people who were doing pretty well in life succumbed to bankruptcy. Even though a lot of Americans are aware of it not many actually care that's why "Rethink Homelessness" has started a campaign to show just how regular homeless people were and how anyone can become homeless.

Their latest project involves meeting several homeless residents of Orlando, Florida, and asking them to share one fact about their lives with the rest of the world.

The stories they share are not only humanizing, but totally unexpected. Check them out in the video above. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.