VIDEO: Ever Wonder What Space Sounds Like? Listen for Yourself.

Sup Travellers?! So technically, sound cannot travel in a vacuum so it shouldn't be possible for space to make any kind of sound. However, there is actually sound in the form of electromagnetic particles from the Solar Wind, ionosphere and planetary magnetosphere.

In order to record these sounds you'll need a special type of antenna called a Plasma Wave antenna which NASA's billion dollar budget could have easily afforded. NASA recorded it and the sounds that they got were breathtaking. 

Check out NASA’s recordings below, and learn more about sounds of space at Radio Astronomy, a project that broadcasts sounds intercepted from space live on the Internet and on the airwaves.

Some of these sound really spooky while some just sound incredibly mesmerizing. The sounds basically encapsulate the loneliness of the Universe outside of earth. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.