These Artworks Are So Realistic You’ll Never Believe That They Are Fake.

Sup Travellers?! The pieces of art below have transcended the limits of spuriousness by appearing to be so real that it's incredibly difficult to decide if you're watching something real or a piece of painting. All the pieces of art below are not real. Can you tell?   

1. Thomas Arvid’s wine painting on canvas 

2. Gregory Thielker’s oil on canvas painting

3. Ben Wiener’s weird and meta ‘Paintings of Paint’

4. Christina K’s eye drawing on brown paper

5. Kim Ji-Hoon’s pencil art

6. Ray Hare’s Elephant – acrylic on canvas

7. An oil and wood portrait by Bryan Drury

8. Lee Price’s oil on canvas

9. Ballpoint pen drawing by Samuel Silva

10. Omar Ortiz – oil on linen  

11. Diego Fazio, charcoal pencil 

12. Gottfried Holnwein’s oil and acrylic on canvas paintings

13. Kelvin Okafor drew this picture of Nicky Minaj with a lump of graphite

14. Paul Cadden – all done with a mere pencil

15. Kamalky Laureano – acrylic on canvas 

16.Robert Longo – charcoal on paper

17. And then there is this sculpture by Ron Mueck