The Rock Just Leaked Which Superhero He’ll Play In The DC Cinematic Universe.

Sup Travellers?! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is an incredibly big guy so you would think that finding him a good superhero to play would have been easy but according to the big man himself, it's not.

The Rock admitted that he had been in talks with DC for a couple years now but they haven't had any success in casting him for a superhero until now. 

In the interview The Rock didn't really directly reveal his character but any fan of DC comics can probably figure it out. 

“There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce very soon, that I’m going to play, and…I’ll just say this, he has the power of Superman, and it’s not Green Lantern, by the way. And believe me, John Stewart, he was a character I wanted to play, but there was already a version of Green Lantern, and so we’ve gone in a different direction. But this character has the power of Superman, he can throw down…just say the word. That’s all I’m going say.”

It's Shazam!!! Shazam is the closest hero to Superman there is. In fact, DC Comics originally came into possession of the character after suing the original publisher, Fawcett Comics, because he was so similar to Superman. There’s also that last hint, “just say the word.” Billy Batson, Shazam’s alter ego, turns into Shazam by saying the hero’s name, a magical word of power. That’s a trait that’s almost entirely unique to Shazam, leaving little doubt as to who Johnson is talking about.

It's hard to tell how The Rock is going to approach his role as Shazam though. He can usually play both corny roles and serious roles. I'm guessing Shazam is going to be a mixture of both. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.