Man Sets House On Fire While Trying To Kill Spider.

Sup Travellers?! Like most creatures, humans are very territorial so if a strange animal finds itself lurking in our personal abode then it's our natural tendency to either utilize fight or flight. However, a west Seattle man reportedly added another "F" word to his natural tendency and set his house ablaze with FIRE!!

According to reports from the Washington Post, the unnamed arachnid vigilante tried to get rid of a spider that crawled into his house by making a makeshift flamethrower made out of spray paint and a lighter.

It is unclear if the spider survived the fiery incident but the guy ended up setting his house on fire, resulting in about 40,000 dollars worth of damage to the structure of the house and another 20,000 dollars in damages to personal items.

The Red Cross is reportedly finding temporary housing for the man and the woman who lived with him. 

It's worrying that the man took such desperate measures to kill a spider but it's also more worrying that the spider may still be alive. I would hate to be walking through the streets of Seattle right now knowing that there is an angry indestructible spider on the loose. That's some scary stuff right there. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.