Man Marries His Fiance In The Hospital Just Hours Before He Died.

Sup Travellers?! 31-year-old Ian Tong From Preston Lancashire brought many to tears when he died only a few hours after he got married to his 28-year-old fiance Gemma. 

The wedding, however, wasn't a traditional wedding with a pulpit and pews. It took place on Tong's hospital bed at Blackpool Victoria Hospital where he was being treated for anaplastic large cell lymphoma. 

The couple, who met through mutual friends, were married at 3:30am on Monday at his hospital bedside with just a handful of family and friends as witnesses.

Nursing staff helped the pair to arrange the last minute ceremony and even surprised the couple with a cake, card and decorations - including confetti made from aluminium foil. He died that same morning.

Mrs Tong said: "We went along to the hospital on Sunday but Ian had taken a bit of a bad turn. His lungs were failing and he had been having seizures, so the doctors told us to prepare for bad news. He was really struggling. The nurses knew we had decided to get married in hospital and they were absolutely amazing. They arranged everything for us. The look on Ian's face when he said his vows was amazing, it was like he had never been ill. He was so happy. It wasn't the wedding we had planned on having, but at the end of the day everyone I would have wanted there was there with us. It was a bit of a silver lining. I have to focus on Jayden and Jamie now [Ian Tong's children]. Jamie is so young that he doesn't have any idea what is happening. But Jayden has started to get a bit frustrated and upset. I had to explain to them that Daddy wasn't coming home."

At least he got to marry the love of life before he died. If they had chosen a few hours later he may not have gotten to wed her in time. He can now rest in peace, knowing that his children are in the hands of someone that he truly loves. It's still tragic though. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.