Mario Gotze's Erection Goes Viral On The Internet.

Sup Travellers?! Mario Gotze didn't only win the world cup for Germany but he also won the internet. Just moments after the final game a photo of Mario Gotze, his girlfriend and his old pal in his pants surfaced all over the interwebs becoming somewhat of a viral sensation.

But who can blame Gotze for being incredibly happy to see his attractive German supermodel girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel Vida? You would think that the old pal in his pants would have gotten accustomed to her but since he's a footballer and spends most of his time away -- I digress.

The photo surfaced on the internet a year ago but the internet didn't care about Gotze enough to actually share it. But after his winning goal at the world cup finals he has become an international celebrity.

It's amazing that even though he knows he's being snapped by photographers he's still all smiles. It's either he didn't know about the bulge in his speedo or he is just one confident guy. Whatever the case may be, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just bee informed.