Couple Sets World Record By Adopting 8 Children From Sierra Leone.

Sup Travellers?! When it comes to adopting children, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may seem like the likeliest candidates to set world records but Hayley and Mike Jones are one step ahead of the Hollywood power couple.

Hayley and Mike Jones reportedly adopted eight siblings all in one go making it the biggest single adoption ever recorded in history. Brangelina adopted about 6 children but they did it overtime and not in one giant sweep of the adoption paper like the Jones family.

The reason behind Hayley and Mike's adoptions first starts with the fact that the couple always wanted to have a big family but were put off having children after both of Hayley's pregnancies ended with emergency C-sections.

So since the couple couldn't really have any more children on their own they decided to adopt eight siblings from an orphanage in Sierra Leone all in one go. The children, aged between five and 16 were in a children's home after their father was killed and their mother was unable to cope. 

Mr Jones said: 'We thought it was about two or three children we'd be adopting when we initially met the orphanage. But God was telling us both separately to keep going for more and more - it was just brought up that there was a sibling group of six and eight. They were just names on a piece of paper and we didn't know anything about them. It's like I got hit in the head with a hammer, I didn't know anything about them but I knew we were meant to adopt them. We had no idea if there were physical, or any types of disabilities or anything at all, we had no idea. When Hayley went over there and was able to spend time with them, she just knew straight away they were our kids."

The couple decided that God had sent them to that orphanage for a reason and, as devout Christians, they should do all they could to help improve their lives.

I think that adopting children is probably one of the most selfless acts that someone can do in their lifetime especially because of the financial toll it can take. So I commend the Jones family on their selfless act. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.