Woman Who Stopped Her Car To Help Ducks Faces Life in Prison.

Sup Travellers?! In just the blink of an eye one woman's act of kindness turned into a sad and tragic event. According to reports from the Telegraph UK, a Canadian woman now faces life in prison after parking her car on a highway to help a group of ducklings on the side of the road. 

Her parked car caused the deaths of a motorcyclist and his passenger daughter who slammed into the stationary vehicle, which was stopped in the left lane of a provincial highway south of Montreal in 2010. 25 year old Emma Czornobaj was charged in the deaths of Andre Roy, 50, and his daughter Jessie, 16.

Czornobaj, a self-professed animal lover, told the court that she did not see the ducklings' mother anywhere and planned to capture them and take them home.

Despite Czornobaj's sad story she was found guilty yesterday and was convicted by a jury on two counts of criminal negligence causing death, a charge that carries a maximum life sentence, and two counts of dangerous driving causing death, which comes with a maximum of 14 years in jail. So if Czornobaj is actually given the full sentence she will spend life in prison plus 14 years. 

I feel sorry for her and I would like to think that her sentence was a bit harsh but she did cause the death of a father and his daughter. That crime is harsh in itself so it's only fair that her sentence is harsh. The motorcyclist who died probably should have been more careful but at the end of the day, you're not supposed to park your car on a highway. 

Did she pull to the side? Did she use the shoulder? No she didn't. If she had been on the shoulder then maybe the verdict wouldn't have been so harsh. Sadly, there may not be a next time for her. Czornobaj was released until her pre-sentence hearing on Aug. 8. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.