VIDEO: This Is Officially The Best Proposal Ever!!

Sup Travellers?! Cameron Brooks got game!! He managed to woo the love of his life not only with his charm, charisma and his undying love for fried chicken but also with his amazing voice.

Brittany Alexander thought she was attending a surprise party for someone else but instead she found herself in the middle of the best day of her life. [I assume it was the best day of her life].

In this video, Brooks serenades his wife-to-be with the song “Marrying an Angel,” the same song that Jamie Foxx sang on “The Jamie Foxx Show” when he married his TV wife. 

But besides getting to marry the love of his life he may even get a record deal as folks from all over the internet are now campaigning to get him signed. Even singer/actor Tyrese Gibson shared the proposal on his Facebook page.

This guy is some real talent and I hope that him and his fiance have a wonderful life together especially with their new-found fame. Good job Brooks!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.