VIDEO: 91 Year Old Great Grandma Boasts About Her Sex Life With Her 31 Year Old Boyfriend On Television.

Sup Travellers?! Remember Kyle and Marjorie? I posted about their strange relationship on my blog a couple weeks ago. If you happened to miss that post, don't worry, I got you. You can check out that post HERE

Now that you have that incredibly disturbing image in your head I'm going to take the opportunity to put another one in there real quick. 

The odd couple appeared on ITV's "This Morning" and 91 year old Marjorie had a lot to say about the wild and rampant sexual relationship that the two have. The host asked Marjorie if she was worried that something would break when things get to passionate but Marjorie responded by saying:  "Sweety, I can put my leg up on his shoulder. I’m not kidding. I have pictures to prove it."

I think the concern that something could break is a very legit one. She's 91 years old and very fragile. Her bones are brittle and can snap at any given moment. However, she still manages to remain lively in the bed. That's commendable......I guess. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.