Mom Tears Her Son's Scrotum And Tries To Fix Injury With Superglue.

Sup Travellers?! There are certain people on this planet who just don't deserve to walk among the free. One of those many people is 34 year old Jennifer Vargas from Texas who reportedly yanked her 6 year-old's genitals out of anger so hard that it tore a 1.6-inch laceration in the boy's scrotum.  

According to reports from MySanantonio, Vargas cleaned the wound with alcohol and tried to mend the gaping hole with superglue. Yes...SUPERGLUE.  

“She applied superglue to the [boy's] scrotum until the bleeding stopped, stuffed his underwear with paper towels, and then told him to go to bed,” a criminal complaint affidavit said. “Vargas did not seek any type of medical treatment for the child.”   

Despite her son's crying, Vargas did not seek medical attention at all. Only when the boy's father got home did the boy receive medical attention.   The incident occurred last fall and she was arrested but she appeared in front the court on Thursday. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail.  Vargas expressed remorse for her actions when she went before a judge last week.  

“I would like to say that I regret my actions, that I do love my children with all my heart,” Vargas said, calling her kids the “most important thing to me,"   

The boy is reportedly recovering and is doing fine. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.