Man Shoots His Son 4 Times And Flees The Scene......On Father's Day.

Sup Travellers?! The festivities of Father's Day was cut short for a Florida family as one father reportedly shot his son 4 times on June 15th. According to reports from the Orlando Sentinel, 18 year old Eugene Blackwell Jr. attempted to part a fight between his mom and his dad but was shot 4 times for his efforts.

The teen allegedly separated his mom from his dad and led her out of the house away from his father's fury. But, soon afterwards, the father allegedly unloaded on Eugene, shooting him in the chest, elbow, hip, and thigh. He then fled the scene.

"He was shot all over the body," said a Smyrna Beach neighbor who called 911. "He says he can’t breathe." The neighbor could be heard telling the young man "stay calm" and "stay with me."

Meanwhile another neighbor followed the alleged shooter, who had driven off in a Dodge pickup. "You’re gonna love this—I’m following the suspect," the man told 911 before stopping at the mouth of a dead-end street where the father had parked. The suspect later turned himself in and was charged with attempted murder.

Blackwell Jr. is still alive according to the latest report and he underwent surgery for multiple bullet wounds at a hospital in Daytona earlier today.

The fight between the mother and father allegedly started because the mother started talking about divorce and the father got angry and began choking her. 

Luckily Blackwell Jr. is still alive. But it's sad that he had to lose his father on Father's Day. However, the father was wrong and deserves to be jailed. There's no "ifs" "buts" or "maybes". Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.