Two Indian Women Design Anti-Rape Jeans.

Sup Travellers?! Rape is the most common crime against women in India. Most women are helpless to it since they are usually outnumbered in the incident but according to the NY Post, two Indian woman designed a special type of jeans that could possibly make the fight against rape a bit easier for the women of India.

Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, from India's northern Varanasi city said that they have installed a small electronic device in a pair of jeans which will send a distress call to the nearest police station when pressed. The jeans also has a tracker which can allow the police to know the exact location of the wearer.

Almost 200 police stations in the area have been equipped with the technology to receive the alarm from the jeans when activated. It has not yet been distributed nationwide but after some more testing it just may.

"We have been thinking of making this device for a long time,' said Pathak, a science student and daughter of a cab driver. "My father is often making himself ill with worry each time I am coming home late.These terrible gang rapes of women that we have heard so much about recently shocked me and my colleague to the very core. Hopefully no other women will have to suffer if they are wearing our clothing."

Pathak joined forces with Srivastava, who is studying electronic communication, to invent the device, which lasts for about three months before the batteries need to be replaced. The anti-rape jeans cost less than 43 cents.

This is a very good idea on paper but so far---just on paper. The vigilance of the police force still has a huge part to play in the success of the anti-rape jeans. There are many police-alert systems out there that don't work but if the Indian police can react quickly enough to the distress call then maybe they could save some women. But until then, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.