22 Firefighters Rescue Student After He Got Stuck In A Giant Vulva.

Sup Travellers?! Whenever you are having a bad day just remember that it could have been worse. You could have been stuck in a giant vulva like the unlucky guy in this story.

According to reports from the Mirror UK, an unnamed American exchange student found himself stuck in a huge vulva sculpture in Mainz, Germany. 

He initially got into the stone structure in an attempt to take a picture but then slipped down the opening and got his legs stuck in a narrower part. 22 firefighters were needed to pry him loose from the womb stone structure.

A friend posted the image of him online saying: "I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture. The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed."

The sculpture, called "Pi-Chacan," was crafted by Fernando de la Jara and has been on display since 2001. Its name "is said to mean ‘love making’ in Peruvian-Indian." 

There is actually some good that came from this entire situation. The unnamed student was born again [Can I get an Amen? LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.