VIDEO: This Cat Is Better At Jenga Than Most Humans.

Sup Travellers?! Cats can be really annoying sometimes but if you ever find a cat that can play Jenga I recommend that you keep that cat close to you lest it falls into the wrong hands. First it will play Jenga, then chess then before you know it, it will take over the world.

Alan Palesko had the bitter-sweet privilege of finding a cat that can play Jenga. Instead of using her cat as an evil sidekick to take over the world and the universe she just uploaded a video of her cat playing Jenga [phew]. The video has, as expected, taken over the web with as much 1.6 million views since it was uploaded on the 12th of May.

This is horrific. Animals are getting smarter than humans [LOL]. But to be fair, the cat didn't really play Jenga since it didn't place any of the blocks at the top which is the point of the game. I’m sure this cat will come up with some stupid excuse like “I don’t have thumbs,” or whatever but that's not enough. I'm not jumping on the whole "cats taking over the world" bandwagon just yet. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.