Oklahoma Teacher Accused Of Giving Her Failing Student An A Grade In Exchange For Sex.

Sup Travellers?! Teachers aren't the most generous people when it comes to giving good grades. If you write shitty answers most of the times you can expect shitty grades. But a 25-year old Oklahoma teacher by the name of Kalyn Thompson was a bit more generous in her grading with one of her students in particular.

According to reports from New York Daily News, Thompson gave one of her failing students a top A-grade after they started having sex. The unnamed student in question was reportedly failing his English course during the fall term, however, for some reason his grades just shot up to 98% when the Spring Term came around, which just so happens to be around the time he turned 18!

It was a mystery how his grades shot up so quickly but after some investigation it seemed as though the boy had gotten some "PRIVATE TUTORING" [If you know what I mean] His teacher began sending him sext messages around this time and had sex with him at least two separate times in exchange for a better grade--once at a nearby lake and a second time at a hotel in Tulsa, investigators believe.

While the age of consent is actually 16 in Oklahoma, the 25-year-old teacher is STILL facing charges of second degree rape as teachers are NOT allowed to engage in sexual activities with current or former students until they turn 21.

This is clearly now becoming a trend among teachers. It's like a whole bunch of teachers had some kind of underground gathering and said to each other, "let's all have sex with our students." I find stories like this almost every week and it's a bit disturbing that more and more rapists and pedophiles are now lurking in our schools. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.