Heroic Mother Leaps From Balcony To Save Her Son.

Sup Travellers?! The word hero is clearly just a poor translation of the word mother because if I had a dollar for every heroic act performed by a mother I'd be another Bill Gates. Just the simple things that mothers do make them heroes but 23 year-old Christina Simoes from Haverhill, Massachusetts took her heroism to superhuman proportions.

According to reports from CBS Boston, Simoes leaped out of a second story balcony with her 18 month old son, Cameron, in her arms, as fire burned through their house. The both of them survived the jump but Simoes broke her vertebrae making it hardly likely that she'd ever walk again. However it was a price that seemingly had to be paid to save the life of her son.

"I grabbed my son and I held him as tight as I could to my chest and I gave him a kiss and a hug, and I told him I loved him and I jumped out the window,” Simoes said Sunday from her hospital bed. “I didn't think about it. All I was thinking about was getting him out of there. He mattered way more than I did,” she said.

The fire occurred last week and it engulfed the entire house. If Simoes didn't leap out of the building with her son they would have both been burnt alive. Despite her braver, Simoes doesn't think of herself as a hero, saying:“I don’t think that I’m any special hero at all. I’m just Cameron’s mom.”

I salute Simoes for her bravery. She may have lost her ability to walk but she has gained a second chance at life. I'm sure that her son will forever be grateful for what she did. He may not know what she did now but he will soon enough. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.