FUNNY: Little Girl Writes Hilarious Letter ‘Braking Up’ With Her Boyfriend.

Sup Travellers?! Young love is cool and all but when you're in Elementary school it's best that you focus on your ABC's, 1, 2,3's and most importantly...your spelling [Yes, I'm talking to you Rachel]

In an unfortunate turn of events a boy by the name of Shawn got a letter from his supposed girlfriend and it highlights everything wrong with their relationship in misspelled prose. Rachel clearly finds that Shawn doesn't spend enough time with her and is not deserving of her love.

So much for young love. I do hope that Shawn learnS a thing or two from young Rachel for his future relationships especially if he gets married. In marriage you don't just get a letter but also a large sink in your finances.......DIVORCE!!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.