VIDEO: This Commercial For The 2014 Boston Marathon Will Give You All The Chills.

Sup Travellers?! April 15th 2013 was a very tragic day. It was the kind of day that we will all like to forget but it's still haunting as some people now have to live with the pain of their losses. But putting that extremely sad memory aside let's focus on the fact that in the next couple days the 118th Boston Marathon will commence.

The memory of April 15th 2013 still lingers in the Boston air but that will only be for a moment as the strong-willed people of Boston and ultimately the world pledge that they will go out on April 21st and run. This is what local Bostonian JJ Miller is trying to promote in the commercial above. The will to run. To support, all you have to do is use social media and share #WeWillRun. That's it.

You don't actually have to be running the race to share the hashtag. It shows the support of the movement that the memory of April 15th will not hinder the will to run. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.