VIDEO: Student Suspended for Asking Miss America to Prom.

Sup Travellers?! Schools teach students to be ambitious so it shouldn't be a surprise when students actually become ambitious. But it's apparently still a surprise because one ambitious high school senior from Central York High School in Pennsylvania got suspended last week for asking Miss America to prom. His promposal may have been a bit too ambitious but the sky is the limit. Right?

Patrick Farves planned to ask Davuluri, the first ever Indian American Miss America, to be his prom date during the Q and A section of her speech on diversity. And he executed his plan smoothly handing the supermodel a flower in the process. Ms. Nina Davuluri accepted the flower graciously but it didn't land him a date but a three day suspension.

The suspension came because a school administrator had gotten wind of Farves' plan beforehand, deemed it inappropriate, and told him not to do it. He chose to disobey, because at that point, pretty much the whole school was expecting it.

"I didn't intend to disrespect the administration," Farves says, but "I can see how it was seen as a slap in the face." The good news is that he can still go to prom, and he points out to the York Dispatch that Davuluri never actually said no.

I just have a feeling that Miss America is going to be his date for the Prom. This story got too much attention for her to say no. I'm sure that his ballsiness must have swept her off her feet. She even called the school to revoke the suspension but the school didn't comply. I applaud Farves for his ambition but not for his disobedience. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.