VIDEO: Marvel Shuts Down Don Cheadle For Spoiling The Avengers Sequel.

Sup Travellers?! Marvel is incredibly secretive when it comes to their secrets [DUHH!!!] The actors in the film dare not expose any secrets about Marvel's box office breaking franchise "The Avengers".

But, Don Cheadle, one of the actors in the film was brave enough to expose the secrets.....WEELLLL kind of. He got shutdown right before he was able to utter a word about the upcoming film.

The video was obviously staged but I still laughed my ass off at it. Don Cheadle almost got his head blown off.

Right now I want to know that secret. What was he going to say? Did Captain America die? Was Hulk turned into a bad guy? Did Hawkeye get laid by Black Widow? All the questions, yet no answers [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.