There's A Man Being Walked Through The Streets Of London On A Leash. This Is Not Weird At All.

Sup Travellers?! Whenever you're having a bad day just remember that there's a man being walked through the streets of London on a leash like a dog. It is most likely some kind of PR Stunt but the woman walking the man isn't saying anything. She just keeps her head high and walks the man on a leash without giving any reason whatsoever. The woman sometimes sports a cup of coffee in her hand so it could be some twisted form of product placement for Starbucks [It isn't]. 

According to reports from onlookers in the streets of Farringdon, the man is usually seen with a collar round his neck and a pink lead. He dresses [or is dressed] very well in his suit trousers, white shirt and black shoes. 

If you find this man can you please return his manhood. This has nothing to do with gender inequality or anything like that. I just think that no human should be paraded around the streets like a b*tch especially a grown ass man. I'm not sure if the man is being forced into it though. I can't tell. Maybe he lost a bet or something. Or maybe the woman is his wife and is subject to half of all his assets in a messy divorce that he's trying to prevent. Whatever the case may be it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.