Teen's Urine Ruins 38 Million Gallons Of Portland's Water.

Sup Travellers?! Pissing in public is like pressing the eject button in a fighter jet. It's only meant for emergencies. It has happened to the best of us but one must consider reserving the power of one's urine for a suitable place. A reservoir that supplies an entire city with water may not be the most suitable suitor for one's urinal discharge piss.

According to the Oregonian a 19-year-old man peed in Mt. Tabor Reservoir 5, which supplies the city of Portland, Oregon with drinking water, around 1am yesterday. He was caught on surveillance video leaning against a fence in order to "get his little wee wee right up to the iron bars," said Water Bureau administrator.

The man also took a selfie of himself and his friends at the scene [because no piss is complete without a good selfie]. The group of three was later stopped by officers and given trespassing citations along with, in the case of the peer, a public urination citation.

The pipes were immediately closed and the water Bureau administrators are expected to drain 38 million gallons of water into the sewage system that eventually dumps into the Columbia River.  

Animals piss and shit in the water all the time according to the Water Bureau Administrators but human piss is a such a different breed of piss that they had to flush all the water into the sewage system. Now isn't that some shit? [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.