Ohio Couple Who Never Spent A Night Apart Die 15 Hours Apart.

Sup Travellers?! Helen and Kenneth Felumlee from Ohio were such a tightly knit couple that they never spent a night apart within their marriage. They slept on the same bed every night according to the New York Daily News

Their children say that even after 70 years of marriage the two were inseparable. They held hands every morning while eating breakfast and they insisted on sleeping on the same bed every night. It was a tradition among the two and even in death the tradition lived on. 

Helen died last Saturday morning, age 92, and Kenneth followed about 15 hours later, age 91. "We wanted them to go together, and they did," says daughter Linda Cody. "He was ready. He just didn't want to leave her here by herself."

The two met as teenagers and married secretly. The two went to a courthouse without consent and paid the $2 fee to get married. They lived separately for a few weeks, until they finally worked up the nerve to tell their parents they had eloped. They had eight children together and many grandchildren.

She cooked, cleaned, served on the church council, taught Sunday school and sent greeting cards to nearly every member of the community on holidays and birthdays.

“She kept Hallmark in business,” said daughter-in-law Debbie Felumlee.

The Nashport couple loved to travel, but didn't like to sleep apart. They even shared a bunk-bed on a recent ferry trip rather than occupy separate beds.

This is much better love story than twilight. This may not make it into the movie theaters but it's definitely an amazing love story coming out of Ohio. I know that the two will rest in peace. They deserve to. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.