ATM Mistakenly Gives $37K to Homeless Man.

Sup Travellers?! A homeless man from South Portland, Maine got really lucky yesterday.....ALMOST!! He was at an ATM and it just kept spitting out money every time he asked for it. He got so greedy that he remained there for a while trying to get as much money as possible. 

A woman, who was waiting in line, called the police on him because she found that he was taking too long at the ATM and she wanted to use it. 

By the time police arrived, he had stuffed $37,000 of the bank's cash into a bag after more than 50 transactions. "It is illegal," a police official tells the Bangor Daily News. "He is taking money that doesn’t belong to him."

Cops gave the loot back to the bank, which decided not to press charges. A spokesperson chalked up the ATM glitch to a code error.

The homeless man only had $100 in his account at the time. For some reason the man just got lucky. But no matter how lucky he got  it would have still been unfair if the homeless man had walked away with money that was earned by hardworking Americans. He's lucky that the bank didn't press any charges. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.