11 Year Old Girl Shot And Killed By Her 2 Year Old Brother.

Sup Travellers?! If I had a dollar for every time a toddler mistakenly kills someone after finding a gun I'd be rich. It seems as though there are still some people out there who aren't afraid to leave their guns around children. Just Saturday, an 11 year old girl from Philadelphia was shot dead by her 2 year old brother.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the incident happened after 11 year old Jamara Stevens and her three siblings found a loaded handgun in their home and started playing with it. The gun discharged hitting Jamara in the heart. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The mother was questioned by police and it is alleged that the gun was left at the house by the mother's boyfriend. The mother says that she was with her children in her bedroom but when she left to use the bathroom they wandered out the bedroom and found the gun on top of the refrigerator. 

A 14-year-old brother got it down from the fridge, and Jamara was shot while their mother was still in the bathroom. Investigators determined the 2-year-old was the one who pulled the trigger because there were traces of gunpowder and a burn on his arm, sources say. 

Okay, okay. I can understand a 2 year old playing with a gun because a 2 year old may not know better. But I think that the 14 year old should have known better than to take down the gun around the children. 14 is a young age but at 14 you should know very well the dangers of a gun. The mother's boyfriend also should have known better than to leave the gun in the house. Because of that mistake an entire life was lost.

There shouldn't be much blame placed on the mother because I think that it is in our human nature to use the toilet. She can't be with her children 24/7. She just took her eyes off of them for just a couple seconds and one of them got shot. So sad. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.