The World's Priciest Dog Sells For $2 Million.

Sup Travellers?! No dog owner's collection is complete without a Tibetan mastiff puppy. It's the most luxurious dog you can own but luxury comes with a price. A Tibetan mastiff puppy is hella expensive. And by expensive I mean LAMBORGHINI WITH GOLD PLATES EXPENSIVE!!! A property developer just recently shelled out $2 million to possess one of these rare hounds. Another owner shelled out $1 million for one.

Owning one of these dogs isn't a joke. One does not simply buy a Tibetan mastiff puppy for $2 million and neglect it. The sale came at a "luxury pet" fair in Zhejiang, with the breeder boasting that these dogs "have lion’s blood and are top-of-the-range mastiff studs."

People are subject to do whatever they want with their money so if a man wants to spend $2 million on a puppy then so be it. I could think of a million other things that could have been bought with that money but being a super rich property developer the Chinese man must have wanted something a little different to buy with his money. Fast cars and big houses are good but nothing beats the love of a man's best friend. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.