Subway Worker Caught Using The Bread Oven To Dry Her WET SOCKS And Gloves.

Sup Travellers?! If you think that Subway sucks socks then you're probably right. There was actually a report of a 25 year old Subway worker using the bread oven to dry her wet socks and gloves. Yes, the same bread oven that is used to bake the bread for customers [Now that's what you call a FOOT LONG!!! LMAO].

What makes this whole story SOCK even more is the fact that she took a picture and posted it on Instagram for the world to see [#noshame #worstbehaviour]. The Express UK states that Alice Sykes of Worcester has become the center of an internal investigation being carried out by the branch. She posted the picture on Instagram with the caption: "Socks and gloves drying in the oven at work ha #Worcester #floods #wet #gloves #socks."

A regular customer, Jessica Hinton, spotted the dirty conduct and decided to report it to the establishment. Miss Sykes attempted to justify her actions by saying it was ‘one off thing’ and insisted the oven was cleaned after her socks had dried off.

In a Facebook exchange between herself and Miss Hinton, she wrote: ‘Hello. I just wanted to talk to you. I understand that you have put a complaint in regarding some socks in the subway oven. There wasn't much thought put into it at the time but it was around the time of the floods. I had a nine hour shift ahead of me and my boss didn't think it was fair I was soaking wet the entire shift. The entire oven was cleaned afterwards as well. I apologize (sic) for any offense this has caused you." 

She did have a valid explanation for the whole thing. There were floods [apparently] and her socks were so wet that she couldn't work without getting it dry. So she improvised. But a little squeeze dry could have done the trick. I didn't see why she had to go all out and dry her socks with the bread oven like if it was her dry cleaner at home. All she had to do was squeeze dry it and get back to work. But what baffles me even more is that she posted it on Instagram. If you're going to do something unsanitary you might as well let the whole world know. Right? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.