One Country Is So Broke That It's Actually Giving Away Entire Villages.

Sup Travellers?! Who knew that Spain was going through an economic crisis? I had absolutely no idea. But I've now learned to not judge a country by the state of its football league [LA LIGA!!!] According to reports from AFP, Spain's economy has gotten so bad that they are giving away entire villages. So if you're looking for a little relaxation time in the Spanish countryside you can get a village for as little as zero euros. [There is no foreign exchange rate with zero. ZERO IS ZERO!!] 

Getting a free village sounds cool but it's actually really tragic. Thousands of villages have been abandoned across Spain, often by residents seeking city life or better farmland. Spain's lengthy economic downturn, which has sent the jobless rate soaring to just over 26 percent, has pushed more owners to put their properties up for sale. This has led to the underdevelopment of the abandoned villages. Therefore, in order to preserve the villages officials are selling them to folks who present development projects. 

Spain's National Statistics Institute estimates that there are around 2,900 empty villages across the country, according to Rafael Canales, the manager of a website specializing in the sale of deserted hamlets called

Some villages have already been sold. British 60-year-old, Neil Christie, has paid $62,000 for the hamlet of Arrunada, with its granary on rock pillars and three stone houses. He's been restoring the main house for four years now. "I wanted to flee the stress of London," he says. "It is a very pretty region. People are very nice." Russians, Germans, Americans, and Norwegians are also buying up villages, says a real estate developer.

So if you plan of developing some of Spain's abandoned villages then you can feel free to take a village. Some are free. This development could probably do wonders for the Spanish economy. 

One village agreed to be painted blue for the Smurfs movie in 2011 and actually remained that way to attract tourists. It worked!! But don't be fooled by Spain's proactive approach, they are still doing better than many other countries. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.