Miley Cyrus's Tour Bus Went Up In Flames Monday Night.

Sup Travellers?! Miley Cyrus is a very hot topic these days but it seems like her tour bus wanted a piece of the pie too. According to reports from TMZ, Miley's tour bus went up in flames Monday night and by flames I mean...FLAMES!!!! No one was hurt in the fiery ordeal. 

Miley was not in the bus at the time but her mom and little sister were in the bus before it burst into flames. The fire was reportedly caused by a tire that exploded

Miley's little sister, Noah, took to Twitter to express herself about the incident. 

"cyrus bus down!!!!" Noah tweeted. "Thank u God for keeping us safe."

Thank goodness that no one was hurt in the flames. A stuffed bunny that they got at Cracker Barrel wasn't so lucky to escape the flames. R.I.P to that little stuffed toy. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.