Man Bites His Fingernails To Death.

Sup Travellers?! Do you bite your nails? It's a bad habit that most people never let go of despite parental wrath. My parents always had to tell me to stop biting my nails until I eventually broke the habit and thank God I did because excessive nail biting can actually lead to a world of problems. According to the Mirror UK, a 40 year old man actually lost his life from excessive nail biting.

John Gardener, a 40-year-old amateur football referee, bit his fingernails so badly that they bled. His habit had become so severe that it led to an infection that turned septic and caused a fatal heart attack. His doctor says the man's fingernails were "always in poor condition and ... often bleeding," and he'd lost nearly all feeling in them. His fingers were literally immune to pain. The habit had only gotten worse in recent years, as he also suffered from anxiety and depression.

He was admitted to the hospital in September with septicemia, and was initially treated just with antibiotics because he didn't want to lose his finger, but eight days later, doctors were forced to amputate the tip. Even so, he died two weeks after being admitted, despite showing signs of improvement and no fever. His surgeon says Gardener's death was "upsetting and shocking." His mother insists, "there could've been more done to help him." The family is taking action against the hospital, the Express reports. Gardener, who was also diabetic, had previously had his lower right leg amputated due to leg ulcers.

This escalated really quickly. You would never think that you could get a heart attack from biting your fingernails. I think we can all learn a lesson from Gardner...BITING YOUR FINGERNAILS IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! If you know anyone who bites their finger nails this story should be enough for them to break the habit. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.