CIA Head Claims That Missing Malaysian Airlines Pilot May Have Committed Suicide.

Sup Travellers?! Up to today, the missing plane has yet to be found but more and more clues have been coming in. However each new clue makes the old clue seem insignificant so there isn't really much development in this story. The officials are just jumping on the same old stone with different shoes [so to speak]. Yesterday, officials said that the cell phones of the missing passengers were still ringing bringing up assumptions that the passengers could have been hEld up somewhere with the plane intact. But today a new report says that the pilot may have committed suicide meaning that the plane actually crashed. Now we are back to square one.

Daily Mail UK reports that authorities are investigating the possibility that the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 committed suicide. The revelation was made by the head of the CIA, John Brennan, who said, "I think you cannot discount any theory," when asked if it was possible the pilot deliberately crashed the Boeing 777.

The theory does explain why the plane vanished from the radar. The pilot could have just simply switched off the Transponder. It could also explain the plane's sudden change in course. The pilot wanted to kill himself so he took the plane somewhere to crash. This makes much more sense than aliens or a black hole sucking the plane into a different dimension. But even though it makes more sense, it still doesn't make sense. 

The CIA head still isn't ruling out the possibility of a terrorist attack though.  "Could it just have been some kind of catastrophic event? I do not think people at this point should rule out any lines of inquiry."

He added that there were a host of unanswered questions including why the plane's transponder stopped emitting signals and what was the role of passengers carrying stolen passports.

"There are a number of very curious anomalies about all of this...You know, did it turn around? You know, were the individuals with these stolen passports in any way involved?"

He added: "What about the transponder? Why did it sort of, you know, just disappear from the radar?"

The former counter-terrorism adviser to President Barack Obama said there had been "some claims of responsibility" over the missing jet that had 'not been confirmed or corroborated." 

"There are many questions. Who had the ability to turn off the transponder? How can one such action be masked?"

Everyone keeps talking about this plane but no one has yet to be able to find it. The ringing cellphones means that the phones aren't underwater and I strongly believe that the plane isn't underwater either. If it was underwater then it would have been found already. There are too many buoyant parts in a plane and the beacon would have surely resurfaced by now. There was an oil slick in the water but tests have proven that the oil is not from the missing plane. SO WHAT THE HELL?!! The plane clearly turned around and the transponder was clearly taken off. So based on that I think that the plane was held up and the passengers kidnapped. That's my conclusion. I think all the passengers are still alive and held up somewhere in some country with a name I can't pronounce. For what purpose? I don't know. All we can do now is hope. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.