9 Year Old Schoolgirl Saves Her Father's Life By Kicking Him In The Chest.

Sup Travellers?! It's incredibly rude for a child to hit an adult. Some children end up in the hospital with such actions. But 9 year old Izzy McCarron didn't give a FORKLIFT about being rude when she kicked her father in the chest in a desperate attempt to save his life. 

Daily Mail UK reports that 35 year old Colm McCarron from Derbyshire, England suffered a mystery allergic reaction on Saturday. Izzy's mother, Debbie, immediately called 999 after Colm collapsed. Izzy, knowing that the paramedics wouldn't have arrived in time, decided to use CPR. She quickly realized that her arms weren't strong enough so she began stamping on her father's chest, saving his life. Debbie then took over with more conventional chest compressions until the ambulance arrived.

Izzy, who has been given a bravery award by her school, said: "I just kicked him really hard. My mum taught me CPR but I knew I wasn't strong enough to use hands. I was quite scared."

"She's a little star," said Debbie. "I was really upset but Izzy just took over. I just can't believe what she did. I really think all children should be taught first aid."

Stamping on someone's chest isn't the most commonly taught form of CPR but at least it worked. Izzy's quick thinking is probably the main reason why her father is alive today. The doctors and nurses who took care of him after had a big part to play in his survival as well. It was a team effort that initially started from Izzy's quick thinking. What caused Colm's allergic reaction is still a mystery so I guess now he's going to have to be extra careful not to suffer the allergic reaction again. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.