74 Year Old Woman Finally Free After Spending 32 Years In Prison For A Crime She Did Not Commit.

Sup Travellers?! Going to jail really sucks. But you want to know what sucks more than going to jail? Going to jail for a crime you did not commit. I can't even imagine how horrible something like that must be. The fact that your life becomes mostly limited to three walls and bars for no reason is horrible. This is what a 74 year old grandmother from California had to go through.

According t reports from Daily Mail UK, Mary Virginia Jones, was sentenced to serve life in prison for first degree murder, kidnapping and robbery. She only served 32 years and was released from an L.A. prison last week Monday. The case was reopened by law students from the University of Southern California’s Post-Conviction Justice Project. 

The USC students argued Jones would not have been convicted had the jury heard testimony on the effects of “intimate partner battering,” formerly known as “battered women’s syndrome.” At the time of the murder Jones was involved with Mose Willis who at gunpoint ordered Jones to participate in the crime. On April 3, 1981, Willis kidnapped two men in a fake cocaine deal and forced Jones to drive them to an alley in Los Angeles, where he shot both men. One of the men died.

Jones fled the scene in fear that her abusive partner, Willis, would have killed her. She was then caught, arrested and accused of the murder. A week before the crime, one of the law students said in a statement, Willis shot at Jones’ daughter and threatened to kill them both if either of them had went to the police. Willis died on death row in 1988.

The murder for which Jones was imprisoned so long, was actually committed by her abusive boyfriend, Mose Willis, and she was forced at gunpoint to drive to the spot where he murdered a drug dealer. This is what the USC students were arguing and they successfully did so because the court acknowledged it and tossed her first degree murder conviction. But the court's acknowledgement was 32 years a bit too late. Jones already served 32 whole years for a crime she did not commit. Her children lost their mother for 32 years and no amount of money could bring those years back. At the age of 74, Jones doesn't have much more time left to make up for all the years lost. So sad. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.