Woman Kills 3 People While Backing Out At Church.

Sup Travellers?! You go to church to learn about all of God's goodness and his wondrous plans for your life as stated in the Bible, but it's too bad that the Bible doesn't teach you how to drive. It's important to know that while reversing out of a parking lot filled with a congregation of people great care must be taken lest you bounce into people. A 79 year old Florida woman apparently wasn't concentrating on her driving enough while reversing out of a church parking lot because she backed up her car into a crowd of people then all the way into a creek. 3 people died.

Dorren Landstra was a former choir director in the Bradenton community, according to CNN. While Landstra was trying to get out of the parking lot she apparently thought that she had put her Chevrolet SUV in drive but instead shifted it into reverse. She kept her foot on the acceleration thinking that she would have gone forward but instead she reversed into a crowd of 7 people, killing 3.

Johanna Dijkhoff, 80, Wilhemina Paul, 70 and Margaret Vanderlaan, 72 died as a result of their injuries. Four others sustained serious injuries and were taken to an area hospital. One has since been released. Landstra and her 87 year-old husband were in the car but they didn't get hurt after the accident. Landstra told the surprised witnesses "somehow the pedal got stuck" and that "it was all a terrible accident." The possible charges that elderly woman might face has not been released yet.

It's an honest mistake that anybody could have made but that excuse doesn't have a legal precedent but if she is mentally unstable or sick then that excuse might stand. However there is no doubting that her license should be revoked and that she should never be allowed to drive a car ever again in her entire life. It's only fair. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the three people who lost their lives. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.