Woman Checks Her Boyfriend's Phone And Finds Photos Of Him Cheating On Her With Her Bull Terrier Dog.

Sup Travellers?! A lot of men have a main b*tch and a side b*tch. That's just a fact of life that  a lot of women can't escape from. But what happens when a woman's main b*tch is actually her boyfriend's side b*tch? [LITERALLY] Well just ask 19 year old Wayne Bryson of Louth, Lincolnshire because he seems to be an expert.

In a report posted on the Mirror UK, Bryson's girlfriend was browsing through his phone when she found footage of him having sex with her dog. She reported the incident to the police. Bryson admitted one sexual offence with an animal and one charge of possession of class B drugs. He was bailed until sentencing on the condition he is not alone with animals and his maximum sentence for the offence is 2 years imprisonment. 

Bryson, who told police he could not explain the encounter with the Staffordshire bull terrier but insisted that it happened only once, will be sentenced on 5 March.

The report doesn't say when the footage was found but I think someone needs to tell Bryson that a dog can't be your valentine. That doesn't count. Maybe the whole world should stop calling women b*tches....FOR BRYSON'S SAKE [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.