This Young Lesbian's Approach To Self Confidence Is One We Could All Learn From.

Sup Travellers?! Everyone has their own idea of what self confidence is. My idea of self confidence is the ability to not give a shit what others think of you. But no one just wakes up in the morning with all the self confidence in the world. "Being confident is a process and not a destination" Lucy, one half of the popular online, long-distance lesbian couple, Kaelyn and Lucy says. She also says that the realization that "you deserve better than the miserable company of self-loathing" will "change your life."

She reminds young women watching that "if someone else spends their precious time on earth disliking you for some shitty, superfluous reason, that sucks for them, and only them."

The fact that she is a lesbian does not make her advice any less relatable to people of other sexual orientations. I reccommend that you watch this because she gives some really great advice. Even if you believe that you are already super confident let her words be a little reminder of what you already know. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.