This Epic BJ Prank On Omegle Is Too Hilarious [VIDEO].

Sup Travellers?! Do people still use Omegle? The last time I used Omegle I was drunk. But enough about me let's focus on this video and the fact that everyone in the prank just STOP AND STARED [One Republic reference]. One guy even pulled down his pants and got all X rated up in the place. 

I can't believe that people actually fell for the prank though. It's so easy to see through. It's obvious that the last place a guy getting head would be is on Omegle. Am I right? But people still fell for it and for that I salute Coby Persin for a job well done [Get it? Job? LMAO!!] Anyway, i'm going to throw away my computer. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.