This 99 Year Old Man Begs For Money Everyday And Gives It All Away To Churches And Orphanages.

Sup Travellers?! In news to restore your faith in the human race: a 99 year old man begs for money and gives it away to churches and orphanages. He is definitely not your regular beggar. 99 year old Dobri Dobrev from Bulgaria gains a monthly pension of about $100 and uses that money to survive. He spends most of his day begging for money on the streets but he doesn't use that money to add to his pension. 

He uses all the money that he makes begging to donate to orphanages and churches, according to Yahoo News. He has made a number of generous donations throughout the years, but one of his largest gifts was when he gave more than $24,000 to the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, according to a video released by the church. 

The 99 year old lost most of his hearing during World War II and lives more than 15 miles outside of Sofia. A young Reddit user wrote on the site that he has met Dobrev a number of times and that the beneficent man said he once "did a bad thing," and is now trying to make up for his past transgressions by helping others.

"The good will is just and true. Everything in it is good," Dobrev said in the film "Mite," which was produced in 2000. "We must not lie, nor steal, nor commit adultery. We must love each other as God loves us."

I don't know what that bad thing he did was but who cares at this point. He's a good man now and i'm sure his donations have been greatly appreciated. I salute Dobrev for a job well done and I hope he makes it pass 100 years old. Wouldn't that be awesome? He definitely deserves that and much more. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.