Teacher Gets Suspended After Giving Students Lil Wayne Lyrics As Homework Assignment.

Sup Travellers?! When it comes to inappropriate lyricism and vulgar vocal expressions Lil Wayne is Shakespeare. His music discusses very relevant and timely issues that deal with women's private parts and the use of useless innuendos that seemingly never rhyme with the word N*gga [LOL]. So it's very obvious that Lil Wayne's music can be appropiately used for educational purposes in an eight grade class [strong sarcasm used].

This was the reasoning that an eight grade teacher at the Charter Schools of Boyton Beach Florida used when said teacher gave the students a homework assignment where they had to identify literary devices in the Lil Wayne song 6 Foot, 7 Foot. What makes this even worse is the fact that the students were given the uncensored lyrics to dissect.

Parents found the homework assignment [obviously] and decided to report it to school officials. "This is crazy," parent Vanessa Guzman told WPTV of the assignment. "They shouldn't be giving this to kids in school...I'm uncomfortable reading any of this...They shouldn't be teaching this stuff in school for language arts. I mean, who in their right mind would give kids something like this?"

School head master Wayne Owens acknowledged the mistake, explaining in a statement, "The lesson was for students to learn to identify literary devices. The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. Students were having difficulty grasping the concepts of literary devices such as pun, simile, metaphor, so the teacher used colloquial material." Owens said

Teaching materials are typically approved by school officials before being distributed to students. "This material did not meet the school's standards and was not approved," Owens said. "The teacher recognizes that it was totally inappropriate for a school assignment." After thoroughly examining the situation Owens decided to suspend the teacher.   

It surprises me to know that a level headed teacher like the one in this incident found the Lil Wayne assignment fit to give to an eight grade class. The least she could have done was censor the lyrics. ATLEAST!! Hopefully the teacher will learn from the mistake and make better decisions next time around. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.